Drinks of the New Millenium

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Absolute ZeroAbsolute vodka over frozen nitrogen
Alexander the GrrreatGin, creme de cacao and sweet cream over Cornflakes
American in ParisKentucky bourbon and champagne
Black SabbathKahlua and Mogen David wine
Blind FaithWood alcohol and sacramental wine
Blood ClotVodka, tomato juice and Jell-O
Bloody AwfulVodka and ketchup
Blue MoonCorn whiskey and Aqua Velva
Coleman CoolerWhite wine, soda, fried chicken crumbs and sand
Fuzzy Naval BasePeach schnapps, orange juice and ammonia
George BushGeorge Dickel bourbon and Busch beer
GorbachevVodka with a splash of port wine
Honeydew the DishesMidori and Dawn
Marie AntoinetteBourbon, cake mix, and flat beer
MartinizerGin, vermouth and carbon tetrachloride
Mary PoppinsVodka, tomato juice and a spoonful of sugar
Mexican HairlessTequila and Minoxidil
Oil of OleMazola and Sangria
Peter, Paul, and MaryPotassium nitrate, Paul Masson wine and tomato juice
Phillips ScrewdriverVodka, orange juice and milk of magnesia
Port in a StormRed wine and rainwater
Quack DoctorCold duck and Dr. Pepper
A Rum with a ViewBacardi and Visine
Rum-Pole of the BaileyBacardi rum, Popov vodka and Baileys Irish Cream
Sake-to-meRice wine, punch and nitrous oxide
Scotch TapewormDewars and Mescal
ShipwreckCutty Sark on the rocks
Short WaveRipple in a shot glass, ginger, syrup and pomegranate
Sinead OConnorIrish whiskey and Nair
Skid RoeMuscatel and caviar
Sour KrautSchnapps and lemon juice
Sundae DriverVodka, orange juice and ice cream
Tequila MockingbirdJose Cuervo and birdseed

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