First Day of Fifth Grade

Its the first day of fifth grade, and the teacher is asking each student a question.

What was the best part about your summer? she asks one boy sitting in the front row.

I went to visit my nanna, he replies.

Its fifth grade now, so well expect you to use the adult word, grandma, okay? says the teacher. The boy nods.

Next the teacher asks a little girl sitting in the third row. What is your favorite food?

The girl replies, I like peppermint gummy goodies.

Now, now, remember that this is fifth grade, says the teacher. Try to use the adult word, okay? The girl nods.

The teacher then turns to little boy sitting in the corner of the room. Do you like to read? she asks.

Yes, maam, he replies.

Good! Do you have a favorite book? Remember, use the adult word!

The boy thinks for a moment, then says, Yes, Winnie-the-Shit.

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