Headache Cure

John went to Dr. Smith because of intense migraine headaches.

The doctor tried many things, but no relief. Finally, after many visits, the doc sat down and said, You know, John, why dont you try something unusual. Why dont you do something that I always do when I have a headache like that. I phone my wife and tell her Im coming home; she waits for me in the bedroom, with her blouse off, and I nestle my head between those two beautiful breasts and soon the headache disappears! You ought to try something like that–I dont know what else to do for you. It wouldnt hurt.

Well I might try something like that, said John.

A month later, John is back in the clinic, seeing another doctor on another unrelated matter, and he and Dr. Smith pass each other in the hallway. John! says the doc, Havent seen you in a while! Hows those headaches?

Great! Theyre all gone! Thanks for your advice! said John.

Hey, thats fantastic! said Dr. Smith, walking on down the hallway.

Say, Doc! yelled John, down the hall, Nice place you got there!

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