How To Build A Web Page

Download a piece of Web authoring software: 20 minutes.

Think about what you want to write on your Web page: 6

Download the same piece of Web authoring software,
because they have released 3 new versions since the first
time you downloaded it: 20 minutes.

Decide to just steal some images and awards to put on
your site: 1 minute.

Visit sites to find images and awards, find 5 of them
that you like: 4 days.

Run setup of your Web authoring software. After it fails,
download it again: 25 minutes.

Run setup again, boot the software, click all toolbar
buttons to see what they do: 15 minutes.

View the source of others pages, steal some, change a
few words here and there: 4 hours.

Preview your Web page using the Web Authoring software:
1 minute.

Try to horizontally line up two related images: 6

Remove one of the images: 10 seconds.

Set the texts font color to the same color as your
background, wonder why all your text is gone: 4 hours.

Download a counter from your ISP: 4 minutes.

Try to figure out why your counter reads You are
visitor number 16.3 E10: 3 hours.

Put 4 blank lines between two lines of text: 8 hours.

Fine-tune the text, then prepare to load your Web page
on your ISP: 40 minutes.

Accidentally delete your complete web page: 1 second.

Recreate your web page: 2 days.

Try to figure out how to load your Web page onto your
ISPs server: 3 weeks.

Call a patient friend to find out about FTP: 30

Download FTP software: 10 minutes.

Call your friend again: 15 minutes.

Upload your web page to your ISPs server: 10 minutes.

Connect to your site on the web: 1 minute.

Repeat any and all of the previous steps: eternity.

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