Indian Fiance

A Jewish young man is in love with a native American Indian named Rising Lilly. The only problem is, he has been afraid to tell his parents that she isnt Jewish as he knows they wont approve.

He finally gets the courage to invite her over his parents house for dinner. He tells his parents, my girlfriend is coming for dinner. I love her and I think I want to marry her. I hope you will like her.

When Rising Lilly arrives, his mother says to her, come into the kitchen with me and help me prepare dinner. So she goes. Meanwhile, the man is very nervous and is pacing back and forth hoping that his mother will like her.

When Rising Lilly comes out of the kitchen, he says to her, so what happened? did she like you? And she replies, yes very much so. She was even talking about taking up an Indian name. An Indian name?? What are you talking about?? And she replies, well your mother said something about next week shes going to be Sitting Shiva.

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