Joke enjoyed only by men.

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[Ed: The odd experience in telling this joke is that most men find it funny,
but I have yet to meet a woman who does. Now the problem with the above
disclaimer is that women will all read the joke, just to find out what it
is that men find funny and women dont. So youll read it, and say,
thats not very funny. But because of this warning, you wont complain
to me. ]

One fine morning in Eden, God was looking for Adam and Eve, but
couldnt find them. Later in the day God saw Adam and asked where he
and Eve were earlier. Adam said, This morning Eve and I made love for
the first time.

God said, Adam, you have sinned. I knew this would happen.
Where is Eve now?

Adam replied, Shes down at the river, washing herself

Damn, says God, now all the fish will smell funny.

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