Little Bird

One guy decided one day to try a nudest beach.

So he got there, striped, and setteld down on his blanket, trying to get a tan.

Soon a little girl came up, pointed at his penis and asked what it was.

uh..my little bird.

But dont touch it, it might bite you.

Then he fell asleep. the next thing he knew, he was at a hospital.

whats going on? then he saw the little girl from the beach

Why am I hear? well, You fell asleep, but I wanted to play whit your bird.

I started petting him, and he started trying to fly! so then I tried to lift it up, and pulled REALLy tight! then it started spitting at me.

I hit it a lot, but it just kept spitting.


*gulp* I kinda stomped on it, and I think I killed it!

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