Logical Laws & Accurate Axioms

You can always tell a really good idea by the enemies it makes.
–Programmers axiom

Everything always takes twice as long and costs four times as much as you
planned. –Programmers axiom

Its never the technical stuff that gets you in trouble, its the
personalities and the politics. –Programmers saying

Living with a programmer is easy. All you need is the patience of a saint.
–Programmers spouses saying

Applications programming is a race between software engineers, who strive to
produce idiot-proof programs, and the Universe which strives to produce bigger
idiots. –Software engineers saying

So far the Universe is winning.
–Applications programmers

The three most dangerous things in the world are a programmer with a soldering
iron, a hardware type with a program patch and a user with an idea.
–Computer saying

You cant do just one thing.
–Campbells Law of everything

Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.
–Murphys law #1024

…and sometimes the real trick is telling the difference.
–Murphys law #1024a

Whenever you use a jump, be sure of your destination address.
–Programmers saying

If you eat
a live toad first thing in the morning, nothing worse will happen all day
–California saying

To you or the toad? –Nivens restatement of
California saying

…well, most of the time, anyway.
–Programmers caveat to
Nivens restatement of
California saying

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