Lost girlfriend

A bartender is preparing to close the bar. He has to ask the last man to leave after staying all afternoon & evening.

The man leaves with no problem. The bartender sweeps up, puts the chairs up, turns out the lights and is just about to lock the door when someone pounds on the door.

He opens the door to find the man who he had just asked to leave standing there.

The drunk says You have to help me, I cant find my car.

The bartender asks Where did you last see it?

The drunk replies It was right here on the end of my key.

The bartender realizing that the man was in no condition to drive, told him come on back in, Ill turn on the lights and call you a cab.

When he got the man inside, he noticed that his fly was open and his pecker was hanging out.

He told the man Hey, your fly is open and your pecker is hanging out!!

The drunk looked down in astonishment and screamed OH NO! First my Car and NOW my Girlfriend!!!!

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