Male Stages of Life

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Stages of Life


AGE DRINK 17 beer 25 bourbon 35 vodka 48 double vodka 66 Maalox

AGE SEDUCTION LINE 17 My parents are away for the weekend. 25 My girlfriend is away for the weekend. 35 My fiancee is away for the weekend. 48 My wife is away for the weekend. 66 My second wife is dead.

AGE FAVORITE SPORT 17 sex 25 sex 35 sex 48 sex 66 napping

AGE DEFINITION OF A SUCCESSFUL DATE 17 tongue 25 breakfast 35 She didnt set back my therapy. 48 I didnt have to meet her kids. 66 Got home alive.

AGE FAVORITE FANTASY 17 getting to third 25 airplane sex 35 menage a trois 48 taking the company public 66 Swiss maid/Nazi love slave

AGE WHATS THE IDEAL AGE TO GET MARRIED? 17 25 25 35 35 48 48 66 66 17

AGE IDEAL DATE 17 Triple Stephen King feature at a drive-in 25 Split the check before we go back to my place 35 Just come over. 48 Just come over and cook. 66 Sex in the company jet on the way to Vegas.

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