EK baar ek plane mein ek muslim, ek hindu, ek sardar aur ek american ja rahe hain. Suddenly plane ka ek engine goes bad. So everybody is advised to jump. But they find out that there are no parachutes on the plane.
Sardar being a little bold sochta hai saale marna to hai hi why not try something, vo apni turban kholta hai aur dono ends pakad ke jump laga deta hai. Luckily idea kaam kar jaata hai aur vo float karne lag jaata hai.
Seeing this hindu pandit also opens his dhoti and does the same, he also starts floating. Now Muslim also removes his kurta and does the same and he too starts floating. Now comes Americans turn Poor chap is wearing a torn Bermudas and a tattered baniyan type T-shirt. Anyway he also removes them ties everything up and jumps.

Now he starts falling very quickly.
On the way to the ground he passes the Mohammedan, Who says Allah tumhari khair kare, then he passes Pandit. Pandit says Bhagwan tumhari raksha kare.
Now when he quickly passes Sardar, Sardar says accha race lagana hai, to le and he lets go of the turban.

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