Masterbation innuendo…

A young Father has finally had enough of his sons wetting his pants, and takes him aside.

Son, said the Father, You are going to have to learn how to urinate properly, and no longer in your pants!

The Father brings to boy back of the garage to show him the proper method.

Okay, son, this is how it is done. One, unzip your fly. Two, take out your penis. Three, skin it back. Four, let go with the urine. Five, skin it up. Six, put it back in your pants. Seven, zip up your fly. Now you know the RIGHT way!

The Father watches his son every day to see how well he is following his instructions. He notices the son going to the back of the garage about every few hours. He is very proud of his son, and decides to peek at him while he is doing his thing to see how well his instructions are being followed.

The next time the son heads for the garage, the Father follows. He peeks around the corner of the garage and hears his son: Three, Five, Three, Five, Three, Five…

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