Motherhood was approaching and a close friend was responsible

It was painfully evident to the indignant Mother that all was not well with her attractive daughter. To her pointed questions, the girl tearfully admitted that motherhood was approaching and that a close friend of the family was responsible.

With fire in her eyes, the Mother drove over to the friends house and confronted him. The man readily admitted his guilt.

But I have a very good reason. the soon-to-be dad said.

I doubt that Ill ever get married and wanted an heir to leave my fortune to. If your daughter presents me with a daughter, Ill give her $500,000. If she bears me a son, Ill make it a million.

Hearing this our distraught Mother was silent for a while. Then, finally, she gave her reply. Now see here, said the Mother, Thats totally unacceptable. If its a miscarriage, will you at least give her another chance?

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