The Madam opens the brothel door to see an elderly man standing in the

doorway. His clothes are all dishevelled and he looks…well, needy.

Can I help you? the Madam asks. I want Natalie, the old man replies. Sir, Natalie is one of our most expensive ladies. Perhaps someone else…?

No. I want Natalie.

Just then, Natalie appears and tells the old man that she charges $ 1,000 per hour. Without so much as a blink he reaches into his pocket and pulls out ten crisp new $ 100 bills. The two go up to her room for an hour, whereupon he calmly leaves.

The next night the old man appears again demanding Natalie. Natalie

explains that no one had ever come back two nights in a row, that there are no discounts and that the rate is still $ 1,000 for one hour. But once again, he takes out the money. The two go up to the room and he calmly leaves an hour later.

When he shows up for the third consecutive night, no one can believe it. Again he hands Natalie the money and up to the room, they go. At the end of the hour, Natalie decides to question the old man. Im not used to having the same customer come back three nights in a row. Do you mind if I ask where youre from?

I am from Minsk.

Really, replies Natalie I have a sister who lives there.

I know, says the old man. She gave me $ 3,000 to give to you.

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