New TV Pilots

The following are possible new shows being considered for network TV.

Doggie Bowser, MD — The story of a brilliant 5 year old Springer Spaniel that
becomes a brain surgeon.

Wheel of Torture — A gameshow where the blond hostess is spun on a giant
wheel, while contestants earn prizes by hurling large sharp edged letters at
her to spell words.

Murry Brownose — The laugh-a-minute escapades of a young TV reporter who tries
his best to break into the big time by sucking up to the bosses.

Cutie and the Priest — The story of an impossible yet inspiring love-bond
between a cocktail waitress and a poetry reciting bearded clergyman.

Herald O. Revealer — An obnoxious TV personality will break into randomly
selected homes and show on live TV what shocking things people keep in their

Carlos in Charge — A weekly sitcom about a ruthless yet sensitive Columbian
drug-lord and his two daughters.

This Old Louse — A do-it-yourself show aimed at women who want to improve the
appearance and habits of their husbands.

Married, with Hemorrhoids — A light hearted look at marital life after age 40.

China Bitch — A drama series centered around the life of a dedicated, lesbian
Vietnam War nurse.

Murder, She Rewrote — A murder-mystery series about a rich, elderly woman who
cleverly solves crimes by using the same script over and over each week
changing only the names.

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