Old folks home humor

I got this joke from a gentle soul from South Africa:

A couple of old ladies are sitting on the patio in a retirement home. Both are bored.

Mabel: Nothing happens here, all the men are half-dead and no fun!

Doris: I agree. Lets do something that will jerk them into action!

So Mabel agrees to streak down the corridor and attract the attention of the old men that are sitting there sunning themselves.

She does this and the following conversation insues between Harold and Humphrey…

Harold: Humphrey, old boy, was that Mabel that I saw running past…

Humphrey: Hmm, I think so. Couldnt say for sure.

Harold: My eyes arent too good these days. What was she wearing?

Humphrey: Hmm, couldnt say for sure, but whatever it was it was in need of ironing!

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