Painting the town red

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This little drama was told me by one of the Polish students in Oxford.
Apparently it was a popular joke in Poland during the late 80s.

Jocelyn Paine

[ Scene : The White House ]

Presidential Aide – Mr. Reagan!. Mr Reagan Sir!!! The Russians have just
landed on the Moon! And theyve started to paint it
red! What shall we do?

Ronnie – Come back when theyve finished, son.

P.A. [later] – Mr. Reagan Sir. The Russians have painted a quarter
of the moon red!

Ronnie – Dont worry about it, son. Tell me when theyve finished.

P.A. [still later] – Mr. Reagan Sir. The Russians have now painted half the
moon red! Arent you going to do anything?

Ronnie – Nope, not yet.

P.A. [still later and even more anxious]
– Mr. Reagan Sir. The Russians have now painted
THREE-QUARTERS of the moon red! Can we bomb them, Sir?
Please, Sir?

Ronnie – [ as before ]

P.A. – Mr Reagan. Theyve painted the WHOLE moon red!

Ronnie – OK. Now call NASA, and tell them to get a rocket up there,
with plenty of white paint, and paint Coca-Cola across

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