Penis transplant

Our man Bob, has worked at the ballbearing factory in his home town, for the past fourty years without an accident. Suddenly one day everything went wrong, there was a huge explosion and the bulk of the factory is blown to bits.

The next day Bob finds himself in the hospital, wrapped in bandages and surrounded by loved ones. Just then the doctor walks in and tells Bob the bad news. Well, says the sawbones, I guess threres no easy way to tell you this son, but youve lost your penis. We did everything we could to save it but it was just too damaged.

Well, Bob lay silent for a few moments, and then asked: What the hell am I going to do now?

Not to worry, replied the doc, Ive got a drawer full of replacements, Ill simply graft one on after youve had a few weeks of rest.

So, a few weeks go by and Bob ends up at the doctors office. After a bit of small talk they get down to business.

Now Bob, says the doc, Ive got quite a few different penises here for you to look at, and each has a different price tag.

So the doctor opens the drawer in his file cabinet and there are some smallish penises in it.

Theyre pretty small, says Bob, if I have to pay for this I want the biggest and best youve got.

So the doc opens the second drawer of the cabinet and there are some penises that are a bit bigger than the first. How much for one of them, askes Bob.

These are the eight inchers, and they go for about eight hundred, says the doc.

I said, I want the biggest and best youve got. replies Bob.

The doc then jumps to the next drawer. These are the ten inchers, and they go for about one thousand dollars, he says.

Bob takes a good long look, then takes another look, and finally says, These are just about perfect, do have any in white?

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