Picking Personal Hell

A man died and went to hell. Upon arrival he met with the CDIC (Chief Devil in Charge).

Devil: We run things a bit differently nowadays, you get to pick your own personal hell.

Man: Thats not so bad, whatcha got?

Devil: Well, Im going to open a series of doors, look inside, assess the situation and then tell me if thats where you want to spend eternity.

Man: OK.

The devil opens the first door and theres a room of people standing on their heads on a hardwood floor.

Man: Ouch, that seems painful. Its not for me, whats next.

The devil opens the next door to reveal the same situation, only on concrete floors.

Man: That looks worse, got anything left.

The devil opens the third door to reveal a room full of people standing knee deep in shit drinking coffee.

Man: Well, the shit smells but I could stand the smell and drink coffee all day. Ill take this one.

Devil: Are you sure this is the one you want?

Man: Absolutely!

The devil then escorts him in the room shuts and locks the door. As soon as the door closes, a whistle blows and a loud speaker says – Alright, coffee break is over, back on your heads!

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