Queer walks into a bar.

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A queer walks into a bar. The bartender says, Hey, son. We dont allow queers in this bar.

The queer says, I need a drink really bad, honey. Ill sit in the very back and be very quiet!

The bartender thinks for a while, and says, Alright. Only ONE drink. The queer takes the glass of beer and sits in the dark courner of the bar. Suddenly, a cowboy walks in with snakeskin boots and a cowskin cowboy hat.

He walks up to the bartender and says, Im so thirsty, I could lick the sweat off the balls of a cow!

The queer looks up uncertainly and yells across the bar, Moo, Moo, Buckaroo!

The bartender is taken to court two days later for letting a half-baked drunk queer in the bar.

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