Rodham Anthem

I cant resist passing this along. The following song has been played on many
(more than 10) Southern California radio stations over the last six months or
so, and Ive heard it on Rush Limbaughs TV show, never with any attribution.

Sung to the tune of Helen Reddys I am Woman:

I am Hillary, hear me roar
Im more important that Al Gore
I could run this country if I had the chance

Got an office down the hall,
now Bill cant mess around at all
In this White House family I wear the pants

Oh, yes, Im his wife
but Im in Love with politics
Yes this is the life
I might run in Ninety-Six
If I want to, I will say anything
I am strong
Im undivorceable
I am Clinton
Im Hillart Rodham Clinton
Im undivorceable,

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