Sheep shank

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A young missionary had just taken up a new post in a remote Maori village. The young man was the first white man to set foot in the area in quite some time.

Upon entering the village he was quite distressed at the liberal attitude towards sexual practices and began to preach chastity to his new flock with a vengence.

10 months later the daughter of the chief gives birth to a white baby. As the missionary is the only white man around the chief furiously confronts him.

You preach chastity to me and all the time you are doing the devils work with my daughter. Im going to kill you, you hypocrite.

No it wasnt me stammered the missionary Its just a freak of nature.

Oh sure! A black woman gives birth to a white baby and youre the only white man for miles and you call it a freak of nature. Now Im going to kill you slowly.

No, its true responded the missionary. Its called an albino. These sort of strange things happen all the time. See those sheep on the hill. Look, all the lambs are white except for one black one.

With that the chief looks around and in a conspiritorial tone replies, Look, Ill do you a deal. Ill forget about the baby if you forget about the sheep. OK?

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