Short Clinton jokes (crude, offensive)

Hopefully, all the humor-impaired and those who cant understand warnings have lost interest, so here we go with more Clinton jokes (offensive to Bill Clinton and his fans, Arkansas, etc.):

Did you hear they changed Highway 69 in Arkansas to the Bill Clinton Highway?

Thats because its real slick, real crooked, doesnt go anywhere, and its got a yellow stripe down the middle.

Clinton went to Arkansas for a visit. When he returned, he was asked if he got any strange stuff while there.

Sure did, he replied. Did you pay for it? he was asked.

Why no, he answered,Them hookers dont charge kin.

Clinton and Dan Quayle had a spelling contest.

Clinton lost because he thought harass was two words.

Q: Why is Hillary against sending U.S. troops to Bosnia or Haiti?

A: Shes afraid Bill will run off to college again!

Q: Why did Clinton go to Russia?

A: He was homesick.

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