Sticking It Out

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The little boy was 8 yrs old when his parents decided to have him circumcised (looking different than dad, other kids, etc.).

After a few days of recovery, the boy went back to school.

After about an hour, the pain was really starting to bother him so he asked if he could see the school nurse.

He went to see her but was too embarrassed to tell her what the problem was.

She suggested that he call his Mom and see if she could come and get him.

The nurse waited in the other room while the call was made.

After a few minutes the little boy came out and started walking back to class, but the nurse noticed that his penis was hanging out of his pants.

She said Johnny, what are you doing? You cant walk around like that.

He replied, Well I told my Mom how much I hurt and she said that if I could just stick it out till lunch time she would come pick me up then.

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