Strange hunter (sexual content)

A guy is hunting bear and spots one in some bushes and blasts away. He goes to investigate but sees no bear. Then something taps him on the shoulder and he turns to see the bear. The bear asks: Dont you know this is not bear hunting season?

The guy says Yes, I know.

The bear takes his rifle and smashes it on a rock, then throws the guy across a tree trunk, pulls his pants down and does it to him. Then he tells the guy Get out of here. I dont want to see you again.

The guy is incensed and hurries back to town and buys the biggest bear rifle he can find and goes back into the forest. Soon he spots the bear and empties the rifle. He looks for the bear but no body. Then the tap on the shoulder and the bear tells him: I told you not to come back.

He smashes the new rifle, throws him on the ground and gives it to him again. Then he says: This is the last time Im warning you. Dont come back.

This time the guy is berserk. When he gets back to town he buys a M16 and goes back. Hes sure hes spotted the bear in the brush and empties the entire magazine of the M16 into the brush.

Still no body and then the familiar tap on the shoulder.

The bear asks him Say, youre not really in it for the hunting, are you?

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