Texans in Hell

A group of Texans are driving down the road, whooping it up, drinking
beer and shooting off their guns when they get into an accident with
busload of nuns and orphans, killing everyone. The Texans go straight
to Hell.

When they arrive the Devil is shocked to see that they are not in
agony over the heat and he demands an explanation.

Well, sir, were from Texas, and were used to the heat, says one.

This infuriates the Devil and he cranks the thermostat up to its
highest setting. The lost souls all over hell start wailing. Ill
check on them in the morning and see how they like this. He
snorts and disappears in a ball of fire.

The next morning, the Devil shows up at the Texans camp site, and
sure enough they are showing some signs of discomfort. They have taken
off their 10 gallon hats and are fanning themselves. One has even
rolled up his sleeves.

Well, sir, explains a Texan, when you have been on a cattle drive
in Lubbock during August, this aint hardly nothing.

The Devil is now so angry he is seeing red. Those damn Texans seem
immune to heat, lets see what happens when I turn off the
heat, he says as he heads to the thermostat. Ill check on them

So in the morning the Devil arrives at the Texans campsite, and they
are all whoopin and hollerin and drinkin the beers from the ice
chest in the back of the pick up, now that they have ice to chill them
with. The wail of the lost souls is deafening but the Texans are
partyin like there is no tomorrow.

I dont get it, the Devil says, completely defeated. I tried to
roast you and it had no effect, and then I tried to freeze you and you
are partying. You Texans are made of tough stuff. But why are you

A Texan takes a swig from a Bud in a longneck and replies, Look
around! Hell is frozen over. Thats just gotta mean there is another
Bush in the White House.

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