The Barmitzvah

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They wanted it to be a very special occasion, one, which would never be forgotten. A safari Bar Mitzvah was being done too often, a neighbors son had had his ceremony at the Wailing Wall, and the South

Pole was just too cold.

So the father of the boy arranged to rent the shuttle from NASA and take the Rabbi, family, and all their friends into space. The scientists had returned from MIR and it was not being used at present. The excursion created a lot of worldwide attention, and all the press was there to find out how it went.

The first person off the shuttle was the grandmother, and the reporters asked her, How was the service?

Grandma answered, OK.

How was the boys speech?


How was the food?


Everything was just OK? You dont seem to have liked it? What was wrong?

There was no atmosphere!

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