The Jewish Barbie

The last time I was I New York, my daughter requested that I bring back a Barbi doll. So I stopped in a toy store in the Jewish area and started looking around.

How much is this Barbie doll set?

$19.95. the Jewish merchant answered.

How much is the set here, Barbie at the beach?

Also $19.95.

I eyed another set, how much is Barbie in the discotecque?

Also $19.95.

And this one here, Barbie at home?

Also $19.95.

Well, what about this one, Barbie goes shopping?

Also $19.95.

O.K., how about this, Barbie gets married?

Also $19.95.

And this, Barbie plays tennis?

Also $19.95.

What about this one. Barbie get a Bat Mitzvah?

Also $19.95.

I eyed the last one and hoping for a lower price asked, How much is this, Barbie gets a divorce?

Ah, dots $199.95!

Wow, why so much?

Vell, dot comes vit Ken’s car, Ken’s wardrobe, Ken’s house, und, Ken’s benk account!

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