The Married Jewish Couple

Frank and Estelle are lieing in bed together and Frank is watching Match of the Day on TV.

As Frank is watching the game and as the game is getting interesting he hears Estelle say, Frank you will never guess what I heard about the Epsteins today!.

Frank then turns to Estelle and says, Can this wait? Cant you see that I am trying to watch the game here!

Fine! Estelle replies, have it your own way, I am just sick of you watching that idiot TV box all the time, thats all. Why dont you try doing something constructive? Llike reading a book for a change!

Fine by me! says Frank, I will. Anything for a bit of piece and quiet from you!

So Frank turns off the TV and picks up a detective novel and begins to read.

After a few minutes Frank becomes immersed in his book but can hear loud annoying sighs coming from Estelle so without looking away from his book he asks, What is it now Estelle?

You know what our problem is Frank? says Estelle.

No. Frank replies still trying to read his book.

Our problem is we never talk anymore Frank! Shouts Estelle.

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