The Top 15 Complaints of Modern Day Vampires

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15> Grunge look makes it tough to tell living from the undead.

14> Nutrasweet or not, fat-free blood tastes like crap.

13> Hard to get a decent puncture with latex on your fangs.

12> Three Words: Daylight Savings Time

11> Cant enjoy a meal at Burger King without some redneck
yelling, Look Ma! Its Elvis!

10> After 45 years of Communist rule, its impossible to find
clean, uncontaminated Transylvanian soil for bottom of coffin.

9> After 100 years of trying, still cant score with Elvira.

8> No bat is safe with Ozzy Ozbourne around.

7> With all those crucifix-wearing Madonna clones, junior highs
are suddenly off-limits.

6> No warm blood for miles around DC.

5> Exhausted from all those Calvin Klein photo shoots.

4> No small task beating F. Lee Bailey to a warm body.

3> Buxom wenches of old have been replaced by aerobicized

2> Baboon heart makes everything taste gamey.

and the Number 1 Complaint of Modern Day Vampires…

1> Sick and tired of being mistaken for Keith Richards.

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