Three men were standing at the Pearly Gates…

Peter says, Now, to get into Heaven you have to answer a simple question. How many years were you married and did you ever cheat on your wife?The first man says, Well, I was married 45 years and I cheated on my wife 10 times.Okay, since you were so good you get this car, not the best not the worst. The first man drove away in his car.The second man steps up and shrugged, I was married 35 years and only cheated on her twice. Okay, heres your car, not the best, not the worst. And the second man drove off.The third man stepped up and said proudly, I was married 75 years and I never cheated on my wife.Wow, okay, heres your car, the very best. And the third man drove off in the best car.Two days later the three men meet up again. The third man is crying. Whats wrong? they ask him.I just saw my wife. he says. And she was driving a skateboard.

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