Top-10 Product Placements In Upcoming Summer Blockbusters

This comes from CNETs Digital Dispatch, also referring to eonline.

The selling of computer technology has gone far beyond ads in Byte and the occasional taxicab placard at Comdex. This year, computer companies are getting more aggressive with their marketing dollars.

The proof? These planned product placements in the upcoming summer blockbuster movies:

In Batman and Robin, Bat Signal replaced by Internet Explorer logo
In Speed 2: Cruise Control, Dibas belly-button Internet appliance worn by Sandra Bullock
The Lost World: Microsoft pays to have Jeff Goldblum eaten by T. rex while waiting for PowerBook to boot
Netscape pays Bruce Willis to discover The Fifth Element: JavaScript
Titanic: IBMs Deep Blue supercomputer predicts path of icebergs; ship changes course; and they all live happily ever after
Men in Black: Will Smith replaces CPU in alien mothership with flawed Pentium II; ship misses Earth, crashes into Venus instead
Austin Powers: uses Palm Pilot to keep track of sexual conquests
Apple puts all its summer marketing money into product placement in the guaranteed mega-smash, Free Willy 3 (targeting the wealthy 8- to 10-year-old, computer-buying demographic)
Mortal Kombat II: Annihilation: free AOL CD-ROMs used as deadly throwing stars
Air Force One: Harrison Ford launches thermonuclear attack on Seattle with brand-new Oracle Network Computer; Larry Ellison in cameo as Secretary of Defense

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