Top 10 signs your pc is expecting

Sweet Cravings: Not only does it clean out the Cookies folder, but it orders pints of Ben and Jerrys from Kozmo.com when youre not there.
Morning Sickness: Hard drive makes retching sounds every a.m. and then crashes.
Temper, Temper: Error messages change from warnings such as Unexpected Application Error to What the Hell Do You Think Youre Doing?
Party Time: Windows Registry throws a baby shower.
May I Help You?: Perky, animated paper clip changes to a perky, animated diaper pin.
Pastel PC: Desktop is redecorated in blue and pink tones.
Growing Pains: Unidentified file in Config folder keeps getting bigger every day.
Times Up: Biological clock in lower right-hand corner finally stops ticking.
Child-Bearing Hips: Windows PC starts to look suspiciously like an oh-so-rounded iMac.
New Operating System: OS/Gyn.

(From CNET – 31 Aug 2000)

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