True story: Pervert at the hairdressers

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This TRUE STORY from my secretary.

Last week her mother was getting her usual do when her hairdresser relayed a previous-day experience:

The hairdresser (owner) was getting ready to close up her shop when a man came in and asked if she could give him a quick cut before she closed. She agreed,and as she was trimming the guys hair, he put his hand under the cape and the cape started moving. (She became somewhat uncomfortable.)

Then, the lady got REAL concerned when the man put his OTHER hand under the cape and the cape started moving MORE; she thought she was trimming the hair of a PERVERT. She then panicked, took a hairdryer and smashed the man up-side his head, causing him to black out on the floor.

The lady hurried and called 911, police came … only to find out that the poor guy was JUST CLEANING HIS GLASSES!

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