Arkansan Citizens Trip

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All citizens of Arkansas planning a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit Willy Jeff

1. Before leaving for Washington, clean red mud from windshields and remove hog and chicken feed from pick-up bed.

2. Any cardboard box can be made to look like a suitcase if brown shoe polish is smoothly applied. Boxes must have tops, but no ropes. When a few miles out of Arkansas, remove overalls and brogans and putt them into your box. Change to Sunday suit, clean shirt and good shoes (wear socks).

3. Limit occupancy of your car or pickup to a reasonable number of riders. It looks country to overload a vehicle.

4. Those going on their tractors should leave three weeks early. Remember to drive on the right side of the road at all times, except when passing an older tractor or a buddy in a wagon.

5. En route always buy a full tank of gas. A dollars worth at a time requires too many gas stops.

6. On arrival in Washington, immediately get settled in a tourist or boarding house. If they dont feed, try to locate near an all-nite cafe. Leave soda crackers, Viennas, R.C. Colas and Moon Pies In car or pick-up. First class tourist homes do not take kindly to guests who prepare food in their sleeping rooms.

7. Do not take live chickens or hogs – for some reason people in Virginia think that they have good hams. For the sake of national unity, we dont want to show them up. Besides, their dogs would chase our chickens and our hogs would eat their dogs… just making a hell of a mess.

8. Do not take Sears catalog or corn cobbs with you. Up there the out-houses are always inside and they furnish a rolled paper substitute, but remember to turn the knob on the white bowl as this is a house rule and creates less air pollution problems. Brother Al Gore gets all heated about this pollution and we dont want to set him off.

9. If invited by a county agent, fertilizer manufacturers representative or hog vaccine manufacturers salesman to have a drink in his hotel room, do not spit tobacco juice on the carpeted floor. When asked what you drink, dont say stump juice. Tell them all classy people from Arkansas drink B&B (Bourbon and Branch water).

10. And above all else – dont let any Yankee show you up. Constant screaming of Hes a good ole boy will make it difficult for them to engage you in conversation on their intelligence level. You can also keep up the chant started by Cousin Slick, Its time for change! As you know, we plan a change of underwear on the first of every month. First cousins change with second cousins, but always keep it in the family. Willie has passed a decree, even when divorced you can still be cousins in Arkansas.

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