Hot Diggety Dog

A man went to a plastic surgeon to get work done on his penis. The doctor, curious, asked what had happened to it.

Well, the patient said, I live in a trailer camp. A gorgeous buxom creature lives in the trailer next to mine. I used to peek into her trailer and I saw that she had a habit.

Each afternoon she would take a hot dog from her refrigerator and put it in a hole on her trailer floor. Then shed sit on it and have a ball.

She nearly drove me crazy. So I got a bright idea. The other day I got under her trailer and when she slid the hot dog in the hole, I slid it out and slipped my penis up through the hole. She sat down on it and everything was going just great until there was a knock at the door.

And then? asked the doctor.

Aw hell, the patient explained, Thats when she tried to kick it under the stove.

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