Jews in space

NASA had sent many shuttles to orbit the earth and attempted to include passengers of all races, colour and creed.

One day, they realised they hadnt invited anyone from the clergy so they invited a priest and a rabbi to orbit the earth.

Upon their return, they were asked to go straight to the Media room to give the world their impressions of the experience.

The priest came into the room with a smile on his face. His statement was full of joy. He said, It was totally amazing. I saw the sun rise and set. I saw the beautiful oceans. Im truly in awe.

But the rabbi came into the room completely dishevelled. His beard was tangled, his kippot was askew and his tallis was creased. The reporters asked him whether he enjoyed the experience.

He threw his hands in the air and said, Enjoy? Oy vay, you must be joking. How could I find time to enjoy? Every few minutes the sun was rising and setting! So it was on with the tefillin, off with the tefillin, mincha, maariv, mincha, maariv…. Oy Gevalt.

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