Top 14 Signs Youve Been In Japan Too Long

14. You no longer think its strange to hear a truck playing Beethovens Fur Elise while its backing up.

13. You catch yourself subconsciously bowing to the neighborhood cat.

12. You think that Christmas has four syllables.

11. You start falling in love with the voice recording on the ATM machine, though you have no idea what shes saying.

10. $15.72 a person sounds like a great deal for a movie, even if you do have to stand up.

9. You run into a store and leave your scooter outside on the curb with the key inserted and the motor running.

8. You start buying Carpenters CD singles — and REALLY enjoying them!

7. You look forward to next months TV CM (Commercial) Image Song Perfect Collection CD.

6. You cant eat a Hamburger without green tea and miso soup.

5. You order a pizza and ask for raw tuna, extra octopus.

4. You cant take a walk on even the shortest nature trail without first suiting up in a full yodeling outfit and stuffing a backpack full of rice balls
and sake.

3. You keep telling anyone who will listen that Sumo on TV is nothing like the real thing live and up close.

2. You dont feel ripped off when you find a coin-operated TV in your $80/night business hotel cubicle.

1. You can instantly tell a kids age by looking at his or her uniform.

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