Jim Mullens Hot Sheet – What the country is talking about

Jim Mullens Hot Sheet – What the country is talking about

{Entertainment Weekly}

December 19, 1998

  1. {The Prince of Egypt}. There was an early marketing snag. Moses wanted to be called The Prophet Formerly Known as the Prince of Egypt.

  2. {Helen and Anne). Theyre sick of living in the backstabbing, two faced, lying deceitful world of Hollywood. So theyre moving to Washington, DC.

  3. {Frank Sinatra}. It turns out the FBI kept a 1300-page file on him. They were this close to finding out about his singing.

  4. {Fruitcake Jokes}. They last years longer than Viagra and Monica Lewinsky Jokes.

  5. {Jack Frost}. A father dies and comes back as a cuddly snowman. The bad news is, his family moved to Miami.

  6. {Kelsey Grammer}. Hes worried a home sex video he made will hurt his career. He should splice it into the middle of {Down Periscope}. No one will ever see it.

  7. {Shopping}. A study says going to the mall makes mens blood pressure rise. Did they administer the test in front of Victorias Secret?

  8. {Patch Adams}. Robin Williams plays a doctor who believes laughter is the best medicine. So do most HMOs.

  9. {Youve got Mail}. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan carry on a romance over the Internet. And we get to watch them type?

  10. {Julie Andrews}. {The Sound of Music} star vows her throat problems wont keep her from singing again. It never stopped Bob Dylan.

  11. {Stepmom}. Julia Roberts cant seem to get along with her new future stepchildren. Whats her name, and Hey, You!

  12. {Seasonal Affective Disorder}. Thats what they called the Depression some people get this time of year. It used to be called, Being Broke.

  13. {A Civil Action}. John Travolta plays a lawyer who spends his life savings to help one town. Then he wakes up.

  14. {Star Trek: Insurrection}. The crew of the Starship Enterprise saves the entire known universe. For the umpteemth time. Now its Miller Time.

  15. {The Faculty}. High school students suspect their teachers are from another planet. No humans would work that hard for that kind of money.

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