Little Johnny Sees Them Naked

Little Johnny has to stay at Grandmas for the weekend. Being an old school gal, bathing Little Johnny with her, Grandma sees no harm. So, there they are in the shower and Johnny points to Grandmas crotch and says, Grandma, whats that?!?

Grandma, somewhat shocked, quickly replies, Thats my beaver, Johnny.

Oh, okay. And this answer seems to appease Johnnys curiousity.

Well, Johnny returns home, and one morning, Mom is running late for work. She decides that to save time, shed bathe Johnny with her. Off to the shower, and once again, Johnny sees something not so familiar to him. Mom, whats that? asks Johnny pointing to Moms nether regions.

Taken back, Mom says, Johnny, thats my beaver.

Johnny replies, I thought so. I think Grandmas is dead. Its tongue is hanging out and its all gray and wrinkled!

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