Mister Ed

Note: to fully appreciate this, you need to know about the 1960s television show, Mister Ed.

As the scene opens, Mister Ed is in the barn, reading the paper when Wilbur comes in …

Wilbur; Hi there, Ed ! What are you up to?

Ed; Well, Willllbur I was just reading in the paper where in Pakistan they executed a horse for killing a man.

Wilbur; Gee, Ed, thats awful – what did they do to execute the horse?

Ed; Well, they have this special gallows that allows them to hang the horse by the neck and the tail, and that kills em.

Wilbur; Gosh Ed, that sounds brutal. I hope Im never hung like a horse!

Ed; Thats not what your wife says Willlbur!

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