Moshe Plotnik

A tourist in San Francisco is walking around in Chinatown and sees a sign that says Moishe Plotniks Chinese Laundry. Moishe Plotnik??? Where the heck does that come from???

So he walks in and sees an old Chinese gentleman behind the counter. He asks, How did a place like this get a name like Moishe Plotniks Chinese Laundry?

The old man answers, Is name of owner.

The tourist asks, Well who and where is the owner?

Me right here, replies the old man.

You? How did YOU get a name like Moishe Plotnik?

Is simple…Many year ago when come to this country, standing in line at Documentation Center. Man in front is Jewish gentleman from Poland. Lady look at him and go, Whats your name? He say, Moishe Plotnik. Then she look at me and go, What your name? I say, Sem Ting….

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