National Organization of Nymphomaniacs do a study on men

A guy walks into a bar and notices a good looking blonde sitting alone at the bar. He wanders over and notices that she has the name NAN on her shirt. He says, Excuse me Nan, can I buy you a drink?

She says: Yes you can but my name isnt Nan, its Sue. NAN stands for National Organization of Nymphomaniacs.

He then asks her what NAN does. She explains that NAN is basically a research organization that studies sexual experiences between males and females based on race, age, experience, class status, ect.

He then asks what has she learned? She replies, Well from what my personal research tells me, Native Americans are the most experienced, Jewish men have the best stamina and its true that African Americans are better endowed then your average white male.

She then thanks the man for the drink and asks him his name.

He smiles and says, Lightfoot Goldberg, but my friends call me Bubba.

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