Neighbours surprise

John comes home from holidays and almost immediately has another confrontation with his neighbour and long time enemy.

Later, inside and unpacking, he finds a bottle he didnt remember buying. Still it looks good so he gives it polish . . ., and whoosh, out comes a genie.

Oh holder of the bottle, I grant thee three wishes; but be warned that what you wish for is granted doubly to your greatest enemy.

Well I wish my last girlfriend would come back and be in love with me again asks John for his first wish. Hearing his name being called from the next room tells him shes back. John looks out his window and sees his neighbour with two women clearly besotted with him.

For my second wish, I want a big mansion says John who goes outside and sees his house has grown into a mansion. The neighbours house being a mansion twice as big.

At this stage the genie reminds him that his enemy will still get double for the third and final wish.

Then for my third wish, I want . . . I want you to remove one of my testicles.

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