Personal Questions

Source: Colleague at University of Idaho

Did you hear about the 10-year old boy who asked his recently
divorced mother her age? She told him that was not a question to
ask and that he shouldnt ask it again.

He then asked her her weight. She, once again, told him that she
wouldnt answer the question and that he shouldnt ask it again.

The next question he asked was why she and Daddy got divorced.
Once again, she told him that it was not a question he should ask and
to not ask that question again. He went away.

A few minutes later, she found him digging in her purse.
She asked what he was doing and as he turned toward his mother, he
beamingly told her he had found all the answers to his questions by
looking at her drivers license.

He said, Mother, youre 34 years old, weigh 125 pounds and Daddy
divorced you because you got an F in sex.

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