Retired Jew

An older retired N.Y. jewish merchant goes to the Doctor. He complains hes tired and sluggish. The Doctor suggests he goes down to Florida for some relaxation.

The man takes the advice. After a few days he is bored and goes to the hotel lobby to pass some time. A woman sits next to him and says, pst, hey you buying? He says, you selling? She winks and they go back to his room for a little tryst.

A few days later he returns to N.Y. and now feels even more sluggish and tired. He goes back to the doctor for another checkup and the Doctor informs him he had contracted a form of sypholis. He needs rest and suggests he return to Florida.

He went back and rested up. One night he went back to the lobby and there was that woman again. She sits next to him and again he hears pst.. you buying? & he responds Vhat you selling now cancer?

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