Sex and Aliens (In the name of science)

Earth has finally established contact with an alien civilization. The Council of Nations has sent a group of 6 scientists (of various nationalities) to the pre-decided rendezvous point. The aliens, weird beings with antennae, arrive at about the same time.

The discussion between the scientists and the aliens proceeds. It turns to the topic of sex. The aliens (and of course the scientists) wish to know how reproduction takes place.

The aliens agree to demonstrate first. One of the aliens looks like it is about to collapse, vibrates strongly and at an increasing speed, a humming sound ensues and Lo and Behold! there is a little alien between all of them!

The scientists had not discussed what to do in the present situation.

Two of them, in the interest of science, agree to demonstrate. They retreat into their capsule, followed by the aliens. They proceed to take off their clothes and demonstrate in full vigour.

A few minutes later, the aliens and the fully clothed scientists emerge from the capsule. One of the aliens, unable to suppress its curiosity, asks, Where is the little Earthling?

A scientist replies, Oh! You have to wait for 9 months for that.

The aliens confer among each other. After a hurried calculation they ask, If you have to wait so long for the little one, why hurry in the end?

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