Signs of the Times

On a real estate agents car: Site-seeing bus.
On the sales lot for mobile homes: Wheel Estate.
In a public utilities office: Were Pleased to Meter You!
In a TV repair shop: Do it yourself – then call us.
In a doctors office: The doctor is very busy – please have your symptoms ready.
In front of a school: In the event of an atomic attack, the federal ruling against prayer in this school is temporarily suspended.
In an obstetricians office: Pay As You Grow.
At a mechanics shop: Let me brake you, muffle you, and shock you.
On a campus job board: Hotel workers wanted. Only the inn-experienced need apply.
By entrance to a maternity shop: Clothes for the wait conscious.
In a pet shop window: Hare ye! Hare ye! Have Easter bunnies. Hop to it!
On a church bulletin board: Work for the Lord. The pay isnt much, but the retirement plan is out of this world.

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