Stay in control

A friend of mine told me this one last night, I dont know where he heard it

An virginal young lady (Lets call her Madonna) goes to visit her girl friend
in the clinic, who has just given birth to her first child. During the course
of their conversation, Madonna mentions the fact that while she too would like
to have a baby, she didnt exactly know how to proceed. The young mother is
very helpful, and fills out an itemized list on the how-tos of becoming

Get all dressed up in the slinkiest dress you can find
Go to (substitute your favorite nightclub)

Madonna scrupulously follows her friends instructions, and sure enough, finds
herself guided into the mens room at the nightclub. Her only problem is that
the young man is a safe sex advocate and uses a rubber to consummate the act,
and she being inexperienced is unaware of this obstacle. Once consummated he
takes off the rubber and flushes it down the toilet.

Madonna: Gee honey, what do yo want to call our child?

Young man: (looks at the toilet, and then adresses Madonna) Well, if he gets
out of this one, wed better call him McGuyver…

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