Story about Neely Dunn

There was this man who was about to go on a trip to England. The day before he left he asked his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Dunn, if she wanted anything from England.

Yes, she said. Could you please find my son Neely. Hes been gone 10 years and has not written or phoned me. Ever! I write to him but he never replies. I try to phone him but he never seems to be in. Anyway, heres his address. And on a back of a handy envelope she scribbled:

Neely Dunn


London, England.

The next day, the man embarked on his journey. The plane landed at Heathrow. He got off the plane and was walking down the corridor when he saw a sign saying WC.

He entered the room, and saw that it was a washroom. He proceeded to the first toilet stall, knocked on the door and said: – Are you Neely Dunn?

Yes, but I ran out of paper, came the reply.

Well, thats no excuse not to write your mother!!

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